Let Your Voice Be Heard!

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Pope is in the United States!  And we should be proud: Pope Francis is modelling to us how to show active care and concern for all, especially those pushed to the fringes of society, while at the same time actively upholding the principles we stand by as Christians and Catholics – before Congress, before the United Nations, before the world.  Never be afraid to let your voice be heard!

My Homily from this weekend.

Plugged In

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many of us, I think it’s safe to say, feel like we have some degree of a spiritual speech impediment: when confronted about Jesus or some aspect of our Catholic faith, we suddenly become tongue-tied – we don’t always know the “Why?” behind many of the actions we traditionally do.    But there ARE answers and we CAN know them: by listening, by hearing, by regularly ‘plugging in’ to Jesus.  So how do you stay plugged into God throughout the week?

My Homily from this weekend.