No Homily This Weekend

This weekend, in place of the homily, our parishes will be viewing our annual diocesan Catholic Services Appeal video.  The Catholic Services Appeal supports the operational costs of the diocese, over 30 faith building programs (especially for the youth), and the education and formation of seminarians.  In light of last week’s Gospel, please be generous with what God has entrusted to you.  And if you don’t belong to the Diocese of Superior, please be generous in supporting those programs in your area that contribute to the building up and spreading of our amazing Catholic faith!

From Indifference to Generosity

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today we receive a wake-up call.  In the first reading God condemns the ruling elite of Israel for their complacence and indifference.  In our Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, in which the rich man finds himself in hell, not because he was evil or wicked or immoral, but simply because he was indifferent – he didn’t use the blessings God had given him to help bless others.  We are fed with the Body and Blood of Jesus each week so that our hearts can move from indifference to generosity, so that our hearts can become like Jesus’ heart.  We’re called Christians for a reason; let’s become who we are!

Be as Clever as a Shady Businessman

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today Jesus tells us one of His most confusing parables: “Look at this shady, crooked, underhanded businessman… You should be like him!”  Many people are clever in the ways of this world – they are smart and resourceful in using the people and situations around them to further their own gain (even if it is selfish and underhanded, as the steward is today).  Jesus challenges the “children of light” to be as smart and resourceful in obtaining benefits for heavenly life, as clever in living out our faith in the midst of this busy world and culture, as this shady businessman was in obtaining benefits for his earthly life.

I Love You, I’m Proud of You

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The most encouraging, effective and result producing words kids can hear from their parents are: “I love you; I’m proud of you.”  In our Gospel today Jesus shares three parables, all portraying the illogical, unreasonable, outlandish love that the Father has for each one of us.  No matter what we’ve done, no matter how far we’ve wandered away, the Father never stops seeking us out.  And when we finally let ourselves be found, He says to us, “I love you; I’m proud of you!”  Jesus heard His Father say those words to Him; can we hear our Father the time say those words to us?