The Holy Door

1st Sunday of Advent

Happy New Year!  Today we begin, in the Church, a new liturgical year with Advent – the season of waiting, watching, and praying for the coming of the Lord at Christmas.  Pope Francis has also proclaimed this coming year a Jubilee Year of Mercy, wherein the Holy Door of St. Peter’s basilica will be opened.  We are all invited, in spirit, to step through that door  from a life of sin into a life of grace, to recommit ourselves as disciples of Jesus Christ, and, in a special way, to both receive God’s mercy in our own lives and to be agents of that mercy in the lives of those around us.

My Homily from this weekend.

Christ the King

Solemnity of Christ the King – 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This feast is a challenge for us: is Jesus Christ the King of our lives?  And by that I mean, is Jesus Christ the King of EVERY area of our lives: family life, work life, public life, private life, personal life, mind, body?  Jesus is the King of all, and He wants to be King in your life, but He waits for you to decide.  So will you invite Jesus in today to be the King of all you heart?

My Homily from this weekend.

Apocalypse – The Unveiling

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Apocalypse literally means to pull back the veil, to uncover, to see things as they ARE.  When Jesus comes again all things will be unveiled; we will see all things as they are – visible and invisible – and all things will see us as we are – down to our depths.  Sin spiritually disfigures the soul, while grace and virtue makes ordinary people beautiful, strong and attractive at the core. So today we speak and act in such a way that if the Lord called us right now, we would be ready to meet him, unveiled!

My Homily from this weekend.

Adoration Appeal

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus Christ is present, 100% Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist – that’s amazing!  And in adoration we get to spend time with this Jesus, one on one; we get to see this Jesus!  We all want God’s presence and God’s peace in the midst of our busy lives.  Adoration is that opportunity to give ourselves a break, to experience the peace and rest that only God can bring.  You’ve worked hard – experience peace for a moment, come to adoration.

My Homily from this weekend.

Ordinary Holiness

Solemnity of All Saints

Holiness isn’t the call of a select few, it is the ordinary call of every Christian – it’s the norm!  Everyone in heaven is a saint.  Saints aren’t angels, they’re survivors, with their own shares of difficulties and joys in this life, but who turned to Jesus again and again and again.  Want a direct path to genuine holiness, follow St. Therese’s Little Way, simply ask throughout the day, “What’s the right thing to do in this moment?”

My Homily from this weekend.