No Homily for 2 Weeks

I will not be preaching at the parish this weekend, and next weekend I get to be at a camp serving high schoolers from around our diocese.  The theme of the weekend will be: “Restless: Made for Union with God”.  Please keep me and these high schoolers in your prayers in a particular way next week and weekend.  God bless and have a great couple weeks!

What Are You Carving?

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Michelangelo, one of the greatest artists of all time, loved sculpting most of all.  He could look at a block of marble, see the potential, a vision for what that block of marble was hiding, and then carve away everything that was not that potential.  Each one of us is standing in front of a block of marble called, “The rest of your life.”  Do you have a vision for what you want that block of marble to look like at the end of your life?  God has a vision for each one of us, He sees so much potential, He tells us in the Gospel today that within each of us is a heart that can love God with everything we’ve got and love our neighbor as ourself.  What do you want to look like at the end of your life: a roughly carved block of untapped potential tromping around heaven, or a true masterpiece of God’s creation?  It’s already inside of you!  So what are you carving?

Trip and Moving

Soon I will be going on a pilgrimage to hike a 250 mile portion of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, which ends at the remains of St. James the Apostle. Because of that, I will not have homilies to post for a while.

Also, effective mid-July, I have been reassigned as the associate pastor of the parishes in Medford and Whittlesey, Wisconsin.  To everyone in the Rice Lake area: thank you so much for receiving me so warmly and welcoming me into your lives over these last 3 years; it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be your priest and I will miss you all greatly! Please pray for me during this time of transition, and I will be praying for you.

After pilgrimage and once I’m settled into the new parishes, I will continue recording and posting my homilies: so we can stay connected even after I’ve moved!  God bless and have a wonderful start to the summer.

No Homily : (

I am sorry to say that uncontrollable nosebleeds yesterday put me on house arrest (by doctor’s orders) before I could celebrate Mass, and house arrest continues until Monday when I can talk to my regular ENT.  As a result, I do not have a homily to publish for this weekend.  The theme of Advent is “waiting”, so it looks like we’re all waiting together ; )

Gone for 2 Weeks

I will be gone the next 2 weekends recovering from an upcoming surgery on my nose: septoplasty.  The doctor said I must have gotten a pretty hard knock sometime in my life to cause a deviated septum.  I said I couldn’t remember anything in particular, but asked if I could just blame it on my older brother…he said that would be fine.  Doctor’s orders – it’s all Patrick’s fault!  If you miss me too much, I uploaded an hour long talk last week; just play that on repeat until I’m back in good health.  I will be praying for you all during my recovery, please keep me in your prayers.

Talk: Saints & Souls, Ghosts & Goblins, Angels Witches & Demons

What does the Church believe about life beyond death?  How might that existence interact with life before death?  Join me for this 1 hour presentation on death, judgment, heaven, hell, saints, souls, purgatory, ghosts, angels and demons.  We have an amazingly beautiful and powerful faith that answers questions both in this life and beyond.