The Power of Words

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We have opportunities each day to speak simply of our experience of God and perhaps change someone’s life by our words…even if it’s just a little.  We’re called by Jesus to be fishers of men, to cast out some lines in the midst of our day-to-day routine.  Will some disregard our words?  Yes.  But will some, even if it’s just one, be changed by what we say?  YES!  And I bet we’ll be surprised by how many faith-filled people are out there, and by how a simple little comment can lead to extremely encouraging conversations.  Our words have power, so let’s use ’em!

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Walls and Windows

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Walls are necessary for security, to protect the life that is fostered within those walls. To be strong in our Catholic faith we do need to be set apart, we do need to build walls to protect our life inside from the attacks of the outer world.  But we are also invited – like the Israelites, like Noah on the ark – to open the windows at opportune times and let this life transform those around us: it’s both/and.  Where do you need to strengthen a wall this week?  And where are you being asked to open a window?

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I Saw the Sign

Solemnity of the Epiphany

In our Gospel today we see the three magi coming from the east.  They saw the signs God placed in their lives, and they followed them – straight to Jesus.  God wants to lead all people to Jesus, and God works signs in the life of every person on this earth – Christians, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, New Agers…it doesn’t matter.  The presence of the magi today shows that God IS working in the lives of all, calling all people to His Son, whether they know it or not.  What are the signs God is placing in your life?  How are you following them?

My Homily from this weekend.