Chasing Bubbles

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

So many things in this world and in our life are simply passing by: when we spend too much of our precious time, energy, and thoughts on them, when we give them more weight than they deserve, it’s like chasing bubbles – some day they will pop and disappear forever, leaving us empty.  But Paul challenges us to seek what is above, and Jesus urges us to become rich in what matters to God.  We all know what’s really important in life, we know those things that truly last…but those take real work.  It’s a lot easier to get distracted by the bubbles.  What’s one way this week that you can stop chasing empty things and start investing in those actions that will make you rich in what matters to God?

The Voice of Conscience

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our conscience is God’s voice speaking deep in our hearts, guiding us along the path, urging us to do the right, dissuading us from the wrong.  The only problem is that over time we learn how to rationalize that voice away to get to the conclusions that we want.  We are reminded today in our readings that we were created through Christ, made with God’s law and voice inside of us, and that Jesus challenges us, in the story of the Good Samaritan, not to outthink ourselves, but to return to the simplicity of following the voice of God deep within us – our conscience.

Disciples Help Heavy Hearts

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today in our Gospel Jesus sends 72 out ahead of him to prepare the way; today you have been sent out ahead of Jesus to prepare the way.  In the midst of the joyful celebrations of the 4th of July this weekend, we are challenged to keep an eye open for anyone around us who is hurting, who has a heavy heart, and to help lighten their load…if only just a little.  In this way we can bring the light of Christ to hurting hearts, preparing the way for explosions of God’s grace!  Even the biggest fireworks are started by a tiny, little flame.