No Homily For 2 Weeks

This weekend, in place of the homily, our parishes will be viewing our annual diocesan Catholic Services Appeal video.  The Catholic Services Appeal supports the operational costs of the diocese, over 30 faith building programs (especially for the youth), and the education and formation of seminarians.  God has given each of us so many blessings and gifts – please be generous with what God has given you!  And if you don’t belong to the Diocese of Superior, please be generous in supporting those programs in your area that contribute to the building up and spreading of our amazing Catholic faith!

Next weekend, as a member of the Vocations Team for the Diocese of Superior, I will be attending a conference with vocation directors from around the country aimed at promoting and supporting vocations to the priesthood.  I would appreciate your prayers for the success and fruits of that conference.  Thank you for the ways you currently support vocations in your parishes, and please continue to pray that we all might listen to God’s voice more attentively each day.