Experience the Trinity

Most Holy Trinity

Every time we say, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” we are proclaiming that our God is a Trinity – that from all time our God has been a relationship of love: 3 distinct Persons, fully united as 1 God.  And this God made us – humanity – to share in His love!  But to know God as Trinity is not something we can describe with words alone, it is something that has to be experienced to be believed!

Unleash the Holy Spirit


In our baptism we received the same Holy Spirit that the disciples received 2,000 years ago.  By our Confirmation we were sealed and strengthened in that Holy Spirit.  So why don’t we see the miracles and wonders that the presence of the Spirit brings, like those in our 1st reading?  In order for the power of the Spirit (which is already within us) to be unlocked and unleashed through our lives, we have to be able to say, in all areas of our life, with our whole heart, “Jesus is Lord!”  The more we can say that, the more the Holy Spirit can come out with power!

Priesthood of the Baptized

5th Sunday of Easter

Every Christian, by their baptism, is anointed priest, prophet and king.  Peter challenges us this weekend to that first anointing: “be a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God.”  There is the ordained priesthood by which priests in the Church offer to God’s people the sacraments, but there is also the priesthood of the baptized by which every Christian, in Jesus, is called to offer spiritual sacrifices to God.  Every day we can offer these spiritual sacrifices, and at Mass we have the opportunity to collect them all from that past week – our thoughts, words, prayers, actions, and intentions…even our anxieties, worries, concerns, hopes, and dreams – and place them all on that altar, asking God to transform them just as He does the bread and wine.

Dreamers or Disciples?

4th Sunday of Easter

Dreams are hopeful and safe – they can’t be failed.  Goals, on the other hand, are not safe – they can be failed.  It’s easy to dream; it’s not easy to make goals and follow through on them.  In the Gospel this weekend, Jesus calls himself the good shepherd whose sheep hear his voice and follow him as he leads them to good pastures. Dreamers hear that voice but don’t actually move anywhere.  Disciples hear that voice and have the courage to take a step: to set concrete spiritual goals in their daily lives, to fail, to get up again, and to succeed.  How are we disciples?  How are we dreamers?  Where is the Lord calling us to take another step?

First Holy Communion

3rd Sunday of Easter

In the Gospel today, Jesus joins two disciples on the way to Emmaus, but they do not recognize Him until “the breaking of the bread”.  In the Eucharist, at every Mass, Jesus not only draws close to walk with us on our journey through life, He also transforms bread and wine into His Body and Blood so that He can be physically united with us.  Thanks be to God for this great gift of the Eucharist!

Paying a Visit

Palm Sunday

We are entering into the holiest week of the year as we join Jesus for his final days of earthly life: partaking with his disciples at the Last Supper, grieving with his followers as he is led to the cross and crucified, waiting in silence as he lies in the grave, and then rejoicing with the whole world as he rises from the dead!  I know this is a busy time – lots of preparation for Easter and family and travels…but in the midst of this week, take some time to join the Father in “paying a visit”, if you will, to the grave of Jesus, so that come Easter Sunday you can experience in a new and deeper way the unbelievable power of the resurrection!